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Airtel GPRS free on Roaming

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Airtel GPRS free on Roaming

Post  Chaitanyapatel on Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:50 pm

very closely located states dnt have the function. like airtel MO delhi is not wrkin in UP. try out fr a lil far off states..
very close states wnt wrk..
and balance above 30 p is charged..

and bro this is cleared off in near states but will nvr be cleared in distant states like airtel delhi and airtel chennai.. bcoz they wrk like two diff companies..

so am gonna buy a new chennai sim and return to delhi ..t was known that some states mo wrks free on roaming like kerala , rajasthan ..etc..

i m tellin u that all states mo are free on roamin except very closely located states..
his is the exact process..
suppose u r frm delhi..
get a sim of oder stat
activate MO there..
then come bk to delhi..
deactivate MO there..
then again activate MO..


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